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Bicycles not only as transportation but also can be exercise activity, even become part of the lifestyle. Many people use bicycle go to work office, we know as bike to work. And we can see that more and more people are cycling either for bike to work, sport, hobby, or recreation.
Bamboo Bike Review

Bicycle frames are usually made of metal materials such as aluminum (alloy), titanium, chromoly, hiten, or carbon. However, today we can find bicycle frames made from nature such as bamboo. The raw materials of bamboo as frame material / bicycle frame are easily accessible bamboo, have equal strength steel pipe, and light weight. Bamboo has a unique texture that adds value to the art on the bike as well as has a lighter weight.
Bamboo Bike Review

How to Make Bamboo Bike?
Bamboo Bike Review

Bicycle parts made from bamboo are the frame only, with the lugs system between frame to join it (head tube, top tube, seat tube, down tube, chain stay). Then, glued together with epoxy resin. All this work are hand made. Others part such as handlebar, crank, pedal, front fork, seatpost for saddle, and groupset  still using metal material.
Bamboo Bike Review

Before bamboo bike are made, selected bamboo must be preserving to avoid damage by pest/insects. Preservation naturally with soaked in the river, at least for one month. All of these preserved bamboo pieces must be submerged in the river water. 
Bamboo Bike Review
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