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This is a good choice to use as a reference. I introduce the popular one from the bottle cage which is on the market now, a light thing, and the one that is easy to use. Recommended models of the standard First of all, I introduce a popular product in the bottle cage. It is a thing of the standard that is often used for reasons such as cheap and design.

Classic Bottle Cage

Best Bottle Cage Brand for Road Bike and MTB

This cage is recommended for those who want to install a bottle cage for the time being. The material is used for use with duralumin for aircraft and is lightweight, sturdy and durable for a long time. Because it is light comparable to the bottle cage made of carbon and 35g weight, it is recommended for those who care about weight.

PWT Aluminum Bottle Cage

Best Bottle Cage Brand for Road Bike and MTB

It becomes a bottle cage made of aluminum as well as dihydroxy pyrimidine. Because it is a design that matches a streamlined design bicycle like a road bike, it is a feature that there is little discomfort even attached to a luxury road bike. The slip is attached so that the bottle does not fall by vibration, and the bottle does not jump out even if the road condition is bad.

A Simple Glass-Fiber, ELITE PA race

Best Bottle Cage Brand for Road Bike and MTB

It is a bottle cage often seen in a town and a cycling spot. It is suitable for the person who wants to attach a bottle for the time being. The design is not flashy, but it matches in its own way even if I attach it to any bicycle because it is not sober.

If you choose a sturdy TOPEAK modular cage

Best Bottle Cage Brand for Road Bike and MTB

Because the part holding the bottle becomes the rod of aluminum alloy, it is a bottle cage that is difficult to break. Because the width of the part to support the bottle can be adjusted by turning the screw on the lower side, the point is to be able to use various bottles such as a large bottle and a thermos. Because you can use a plastic bottle if I match it well, it is available even if I do not have a special bottle.

Lightweight bottle cages for light weight

In the case of hill climb, the weight of the bicycle greatly influences the result. The road bike is originally a lot of lightweight things, but if you are aiming to be lighter in parts further, it would be good to choose a bottle cage also lightweight.

Emgreat Carbon Bottle Cage Made Of Carbon And Simple

Best Bottle Cage Brand for Road Bike and MTB

It is a product that the entire bottle cage has been molded with carbon. The weight is 26gr and light, and because the fiber of the carbon is clear, the design is good looking. There is a certain strength because it is carbon, but because it is made thin overall, let's be careful because it is possible to damage when I give a strong impact.

Ibera Ultra-Lightweight Alloy Cycle Bottle Cage Aimed At Light Weight

Best Bottle Cage Brand for Road Bike and MTB

This product is made of metal and has only 30g weight. As you can see, the weight is suppressed by excluding the part to fix the bottle to the limit. I recommend it because it is lightweight and is good-looking, but it is a drawback that it is necessary to practice a little because the direction to take in shape is decided. In the case of this photograph, it is easy to take it when I pull a bottle on the right diagonal, and take it with a right hand if I attach it to a down tube (the tube extending from the crank to the fork under the frame).

Carbon bottle cage, Shimano Carbon UD prbc0004

Best Bottle Cage Brand for Road Bike and MTB

This is a full UD carbon bottle Cage of Shimano, which is manufactured by carbon molding with carbon fiber lined in the same direction as UD carbon. It 24g the light weight and excellent durability. An easy-to-use bottle cage incorporating functional ingenuity

If you want to reduce the air resistance, TNI tri-cage Black

Best Bottle Cage Brand for Road Bike and MTB

A mount that allows a bottle cage to be placed behind the body by attaching it to the back of the saddle. This is recommended for those who want to reduce air resistance as much as possible, such as triathlon or time trial. You need to buy additional bottle cages, so be careful. Because the attachment is a type to fix to the rail part of the saddle, it can be used only in the case of the double rail where the saddle and the seat post are fixed in parallel with two rails.

Easy to take out bottle, OGK Kabuto carbon bottle cage

Best Bottle Cage Brand for Road Bike and MTB

It is a bottle cage that the bottle is easy to take out by devising the shape of the fixed part.
The model of the photograph is made to be easy to get in and out of the bottle from the right side, and the bottle becomes easy to use even in a small frame. Of course, there is also a left-hand model, so if you want to remove from the left, buy a model for left pulling.

The professional also habitually [VICO CARBON]

Best Bottle Cage Brand for Road Bike and MTB

Many UCI professional teams also use the elite bottle cage Vico CARBON (Vico carbon). The height of the design, the feeling of good use, and the lightness and the strength are both balanced, and the bottle is secured firmly by a unique shape which is highly evaluated. The material is a lightweight Injected carbon and weighs only 23g. The color is "carbon matte x Black", "Carbon matte x Red", "carbon matte x White", "Glossy Carbon x White" and 4 colors.

Should I have a special bottle?

Most of the bottle cages are made with the use of a special bottle, so you should also purchase a bottle when installing a bottle cage.
However, if you do not use a bicycle only about pottering and cycling is also difficult to prepare a special bottle, in such a case it would be good to buy a type of cage that can be placed plastic bottles. There are some products that can be plugs in a square pet bottle.

At last, It is fine even if you do not attach the bottle cage because it is good if I take the water in the case of a short-haul ride, but it is safe to put a bottle cage firmly and to replenish the moisture if you run for long time like a long ride and a race.
There are many different types of bottle cages, but the first thing you need to do is to make sure the bottles are easy to reseat, and then you can compare them by design and weight. It becomes the important point to choose the bottle cage which is easy to take out as much as possible because it becomes stress that taking the bottle when getting tired etc. In case of a long ride does not forget the hydration.

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