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Camel Back Podium Ice 21oz

Camel Back Podium Ice

Capacity: approx. 620mm
Amazon Camel Back bottle 4x refrigerated bottle Podium Ice 21oz I introduce another model from Camel Back. Here is a model that enhanced the cooling power than the above model. Twice the cold power to a bottle with a conventional cooling function! And things.
Camel Back Podium Ice

I do not know the actual numbers, the cooling force is a normal Podium Chill and uneven!
In addition, cold bottles are often difficult to drink a drink without the material Matsubuse well, but this is very soft and easy to drink. It might be difficult to use it for the one that is riding a small frame size motorcycle because the size becomes large even if it is just compared with the same 620ml. The price is usually twice as close as the model, but the difference in the cooling effect is obvious.
It is recommended for those who ride pounding in summer!

Polar Insulated Bottle XS

polar insulated bottle
Image source: Polar Bottle

Capacity: approx. 350ml
Amazon Polar (polar) polar bottle 0.36 L F/Blue Pbb-12fblu A bottle with cooling function as well as CamelBak. The size and the color development are abundant, and this 350ml is easy to fit in a small frame.
A sandwich with a double structure with an effective metal foil and air layer to cut off the heat. In the manufacturer site, "I put a drink and freeze it in a freezer and it lasts surprisingly.
It is written that if you do not care about it, it is not melted at all and may become dehydrated conversely not drink drinks (than experience...) Because the trunk is a little hardened, it might be unsatisfactory for the person who wants the momentum of water.
Because it is a bottle that is easy to obtain even if it is not a bicycle specialty shop, it is recommended for the beginner "want to prepare for the time being".

Specialized 23oz Purist Hydroflo Watergate Bottle

Specialized (specialized) 23oz Purist Hydroflo Watergate Bottle
Image source: Specialized Japan

Capacity: approx. 680ml
23 OZ PURIST Hydroflo WATERGATE BOTTLE A bottle of bike Makerspecialized that has come up with bikes and cycle accessories.
The name of the bottle represents the function used in the bottle, so the ease of use "the strongest bottle to drink," some fans say.
"Purist (Pyrist) technology": The inside of the bottle is easy to repel water, making it difficult to taste, mold and dye the beverage. Next, "Hydroflo (Hydro Flow)": This feature is the softness of anything. Even a woman with a small hand and a weak grip can easily grasp and drink water. Water comes out like a faucet even when you are tired and can't afford to breathe.
In addition, the shape of the triangle is a three-sided design based on ergonomics, easy to grasp fit perfectly to the hand. Watergate (Watergate): Built-in heart Valve ™ does not leak its contents even when the valve is open. During the ride, the valve can be quickly hydrated without staining the frame while still opening it.
In addition, the rubber part can be removed and washed, and it is possible to keep it clean at any time.

Elite FLY

Elite FLY bottle
image by www.elite-it.com

Capacity: approx. 550ml
Amazon Elite FLY TEAM SKY 550 This is the product which I introduced in the past (Kawashima Saikul Sai a lightweight bottle "Fly Team Bottle" in the arrival). Low price, soft and light and easy to drink!

550ml is just the right size for a 30 minute to one hour bike commute It's less than a thousand yen, and it's fun to choose a bottle of a professional team!

If you use the bottle of your favorite team, you may run faster than usual!?

Fabric cage-less water bottles

Amazon.com : Fabric Cageless Water Bottle
image by www.amazone.com

Capacity: approx. 600ml
Fabric cage-less water bottle black/clear As the name suggests, bottles without bottle cages. There is a fixture groove in the bottle body, you can attach the bottle directly to the frame by replacing the bolt of the frame side bottle cage Pedestal to the dedicated adapter.
Because the bottle cage is no longer needed, it is economical and looks refreshing.


rapha camel bak bottle

Capacity: About 610ml, 710ml This bottle is recommended for people who want to make their bicycles fashionable and color-coordinated. It becomes the insertion color of the bicycle in a simple color, and the tension rises when I distinguish it according to the mood of the day.
The color is five colors including the transparent.
If it is a frame size for a woman, it is relieved when I keep a short size in 710ml vertical.

Spurcycle Catch Up Water Bottle

Price: $12 A bottle of ketchup-type that makes you want to see "eh" twice. I do not want to cover with a person, it is recommended for a person of individuality.
There are three kinds of designs: mustard and relish (a kind of pickle).
The meaning of ketchup (ketchup) and catch up is put.

 Three recommended cold and warm bottles

THERMOS vacuum insulated straw bottle

THERMOS vacuum insulated straw bottle

Capacity: approx. 600ml
Amazon Thermos vacuum insulated straw bottle FFQ-600 600ml s Black A thermos that fits in a bottle cage dedicated to the bicycle of thermos famous for a Thermos! The cold power keeps the room temperature 35 10 for 6 hours or less!
Weight 270g and weight, but this is the best choice if you always want to have a cold drink while cycling.

Elite Deboyo

Elite Deboyo bottle

I introduce another model from the elite that I introduced earlier. This model is not only ' cold ' but also can be kept warm. It is a time to look at the scenery while drinking the chilly season of cycling, coffee and tea. It is the best! Vacuum double structure stainless steel that lasts for up to 12 hours and keeps warm/cold effect.
It comes with two types of stainless steel caps and cycling caps, and it is a happy place not only during cycling but also widely active in outdoor and office.
Capacity: 500ml
Heat-resistant temperature: 100
Amazon Elite (Elite) Deboyo Deboyo Thermo Bottle 500ml For more information on Deboyo, please see this article!

Unico Stainless steel thermo bottle

UNICO Stainless steel thermo bottle

Capacity: approx. 500ml
Unico Stainless steel thermo bottle Cool & Hot 500E Rather than sports, "I want to drink warm coffee on the road," a bottle for pottering.
 Spout "Unlock with a button > Open the lid" two action is necessary, the rubber material is a normal bottle cage is caught, but it is strong anyway. It is recommended for those who want to take a rest gracefully.

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