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Do you know that humans lose 3% of their body weight and become dehydrated? Cycling can be exercised in succession for a few tens of hours. It is a sport to sweat more than the imagination though it might not actually realize that it sweats by the wind when running.
This means that if you neglect proper hydration, you will be more likely to get tired or damage your body. Smooth hydration During exercise is the key to maintaining performance. Hydration is important in any sport or activity, and the importance of frequent hydration in daily life is being reviewed.
It is important to drink a lot less moisture at a time.
"I drink it together before and during a break..." The amount of water the body can absorb at a time is limited, and if you try to drink water at a stretch, the burden on the innards may be large. It is a knack to enjoy cycling with a pleasant margin to "hydration little by bit before the throat is thirsty".
If the bottle is attached, it will be like a sports bike! It is necessary to have a bottle in a practical respect, but when I put a bottle dedicated to a car, "Oh, I ride a sports bicycle!" I feel that.
How to Choose a Bottle Size

The appearance is also cool, and I think that it is important to uplift feelings.
A bottle cage is device used to affix a water bottle to a bicycle. Composed of plastic, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium or carbon fiber, it is attached to the main frame of a bicycle, the handlebars, behind the saddle, or, in uncommon cases, the fork. Most modern bicycles have threaded holes in the frame to hold the bottle cage, often called braze-on even though they may be welded, glued, riveted into the frame material. Clamps are necessary on bicycles not so equipped, such as older or less expensive models.
How to choose a bottle that is perfect for you
There are six basic ways to choose a bottle:
Matching frame size (size fits in frame)
Easy to drink, material
Coordination with the appearance and bicycle
Cooling and Thermal insulation function Easy to wash

1: Matching frame size

How to Choose a Bottle Size

The size of the bottle is different.
The size of the bottle is different. The lower the height, the smaller the frame size, the smaller the amount of space that the bottle will fit. If the bottle is too long for the size of the frame, the bottle will not enter, so check the size of the frame and the size of the bottle beforehand and purchase it.

2: Capacity: Recommended as big as possible

How to Choose a Bottle Size

The size of the bottle is 600ml, 700ml is the mainstream, but there are also smaller 500ml, 350ml of things.
If you go to a spot where there are few convenience stores and vending machines, such as the hot season, Hill climb, or the mountains, the large capacity is recommended. If you do not limit the riding scene, "Large is too small" in the case of beginners, "Choose a large size that can be stored in the frame! It's a good idea.

3: Material and ease of drinking

How to Choose a Bottle Size

Ease of drinking is important because it is a purpose to drink water frequently.
is the opening and closing of spout smooth?
Is the bottle body moderately soft and easy to grasp?
Easy to put in and out There are several types of spout, such as the type of teeth that are opened with a tooth, a cap, and a closure.
Think about what type is best for you, imagining your running scenes. The bottle is different depending on the surface material and the bottle shape. Whether you fit the size of your hand, or the fit when you are working in and out, it is safe to try and buy from the store actually tried.

4: Enjoy the coordination with your beloved car

How to Choose a Bottle Size

Because the surface area is large, the impression of the bicycle changes by the color of the bottle and the design. Please choose while you are excited to think about the balance with the color of the bicycle, the color of one point, the color of the wear. Because there is no trouble even if I have any bottle, I think that it is good to try various adventures.

5: Cooling and thermal insulation function is preferred

How to Choose a Bottle Size

Left is insulation, right is normal type in the hot summer, the contents become lukewarm as soon as it is a bottle without the cooling function.
Basically, we recommend a bottle with cold cooling function for use in spring and autumn. The disadvantage of a bottle with cold cooling function is that it becomes heavy. In addition, the bottle itself becomes hard and it becomes difficult to drink because of the insulation material.
And the price rises compared with the type without the cold function.
In light of the disadvantages of the hit, please try to choose the one that fits your own.

6: Is it easy to wash and clean?

How to Choose a Bottle Size

The larger the opening of the bottle, the easier it is to wash and handle the powder drink. In addition, it is hygienic to wash the details when the spout part can be removed.
Because the dishwasher can be used depending on the product, please check the note of the product.
Buy a bottle cage with a cycle bottle It is not possible to provide smooth hydration by simply buying a dedicated cycle bottle. Purchase a Bottle cage (drink holder) attached to a bicycle frame.
Depending on the material and shape, the price range varies
The left is made of titanium and the right is carbon.
The left is made of titanium and the right is carbon. The bottle Cage is made of various materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, carbon, titanium, and plastic, and there are many colors and shapes.
Choose by budget and preference. It is possible to attach it by oneself because it is only the tightening of the screw with a usual driver.
Because there is a case of a special screw hole depending on a bicycle, let's check the shape of the screw first.
Compatibility with bottles Basically, the bottle for the bicycle is uniform in size. Even so, there is a affinity of bottle and bottle cage, it is also difficult to take off, and fall in the opposite of the loose step.
I think that it is the best to try it in the shop actually whether compatibility is good. If you try to put a bottle in a bottle cage that is lined up in the store, you may feel hard.
However, because the bottle cage is screwed to the frame, it is okay even if you do not become nervous too much because it is possible to put in and out more comfortably in actual use.
In addition, please note that there is irregular for some pet bottles only, such as a tumbler only.
What do you want me to drink?
A bottle of water When you take only one bottle, it is recommended to put water in it.
Especially in the hot season, the water in the bottle is not only drinkable but also useful because it can be applied to the head and neck to lower the body heat.
Moreover, there is a person named only one bottle because it does not sweat as summer though it depends on the place and the distance to run in the cold season such as autumn and winter.
The second bottle has a sports drink. Other recommended drinks are sports drinks and water retention fluids that supplement the mineral and electrolyte components lost in sweat.
It is a good idea to carry two bottles, one for water and another for a sports drink in the hot season. Since sports drinks are often sweet and dark, some people adjust their tastes to be as easy to swallow as they would be in half or two.
In addition, when you run a long distance harder than cycling or climb a pass, it is also recommended to bring a drink that can replenish the energy, water and electrolytes such as CCD at the same time.
When the contents of the bottle are about to lose, buy an additional drink at the vending machine or convenience store and transfer it to the bottle.

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