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The History Bridgestone Bicycle

On October 3, 1949, the bicycle division was established as "Bridgestone Bicycle Co., Ltd." From the tire section of Asahi Corporation (now Bridgestone).
The company was renamed Bridgestone Bicycle Co., Ltd. On October 25, 1951. The company was established as a "Bridgestone Engineering machine" (Otani Machinery Industry in 1953). The company changed its name in 1978) in 1997, but in 2007, the Machine Division (Industrial equipment Division) and Bridgestone Engineering East Japan Co., Ltd.
Identification Bridgestone Serial Number

Established Bridgestone Plant Engineering Co., Ltd. by integrating Bridgestone Engineering West Corporation. In January 1959, the company transferred its bicycle sales operations to its parent Bridgestone tire. In 1960, the company changed its name to "Bridgestone Cycle Kogyo Co., Ltd." From the bicycle division of Bridgestone Tires, which is responsible for marketing and concept creation, to receive work orders. In 1971, he was transferred to the sales business and became the current company name in 1976. Since its own belt drive system (1982, the 1987 National Invention Special Award), the production of custom-made bicycles (1988), the light is automatically lit in the dark [lighting insect] (1991), rear-wheel lock and double-lock system of the handle "
Bridgestone Serial Number Catalogue

Two tablets "(2003) has developed a number of bicycles with a lot of original system. The parent company Bridgestone is a tyre manufacturer.
However, Bridgestone's brand-name bike tires are only OEM-sold, and the company and parent companies do not manufacture bicycle tires. In the 1970s, as the image character of the bicycle series "Doremi" for children, the Universe Truth was a popular idol at the time, and appointed Agnes Chan, "Doremi Mari-chan" and "Doremi Agnes" that bears the name was released. In addition, when the popularity of the tokusatsu TV drama [Kamen Rider] rises, rider's car [remodeling cyclone] similar cowl was attached to the front [Doremi Cyclone] was released, [rider] in the play as a car of [boy Kamen Rider Corps] I was used as.
Bridgestone Serial Number Catalogue

In 1984, the company bought a brand license from "Celine", and produced and sold only 30 bicycles, one of which was used by Furuhata Saburo. The cycling club was created in 1964. He still owns the cycle racing Team "team Bridgestone Cycling". The anchor is a brand that is mainly a Bridgestone race model. It was renamed from the Bridgestone Cycle Racing team in 1999 and all the players were registered professionally. The Bridgestone and Anchor brands also manufacture a bicycle-racing frame.
Bridgestone is a huge multinational corporation, one of the world's largest tire company ... and a pretty small bicycle company, with its own factory in Japan. In the late 1980 's and early 90 's, the bicycle Division of the US run by Grant Petersen, a brilliant, talented designers, and idiosynkratik.
Petersen, hard-core cyclists, marching to the  "a different drummer " from the majority of the industry. He introduced many innovations to the market, and is also strongly opposed to the trends and innovations that he approved.

Bridgestone Mountain bike MB-1 ... MB-6

The dominant style of mountain bike in the early-mid ' 80 's is the geometry of the California Cruiser " " inspired by " " klunkers Schwinn Excelsior, with 44-inch wheel base, fixed chain 18 inches or more in length, and the angle of the frame in the high 60 the degree of distance. Bicycle-bike is very stable to be used on the Repack, but not a very good climber. Bridgestone Petersen has a lot more steep angle of the frame and chain stays are shorter, which makes it much more maneuverable and agile than the old design, and a much better climber. In 80-90s design is considered to be "radical " but proved itself on the road, and copied by everyone a few years later. This is still a Bridgestone design standard for rigid MTB frame.
Bridgestone Serial Number Catalogue

A few MB made in Japan, the other in Taiwan, different models in different years. You can easily find out which, as all Japan model using construction lug, while Taiwan is a model T.I.G. welds.
In the early 90 's, Taiwan MB-0 (a.k.a.  "MB-Zip ") pushes the envelope of lightweight to steel-framed mountain bikes. Motor-motor top-of-the-line is incredible lightness, but, unfortunately, a little too lightly, and prone to failure of the frame if ridden off-road

Serial Number Bridgestone MB0 to MB-6

Bridgestone Serial Number Catalogue

According to Bridgestone Catalogue, the serial number Bridgestone consist of number and letter. It is have 6-8 digit serial number. The first digit of Bridgestone serial numbers is supposed to be the manufacture month: A = January, B = February, etc. But, other frames have serial number start with X for example Bridgestone MB-4 have serial numbers X020349 and Bridgestone MB-1 from 1993 have serial number K22422. 
Identification Bridgestone Serial Number
MB-4 from 1993 image by http://forums.mtbr.com
Where is the serial numbers Bridgestone we can find? You can find the serial number on the bottom bracket frame. Bridgestones have a backward numbering systems, and, generally, the lower the number, the higher the quality.
Identification Bridgestone Serial Number
MB-1 from 1993 image by http://forums.mtbr.com

Identification Bridgestone Frame

Bridgestone Serial Number Catalogue Bridgestone Serial Number Catalogue Bridgestone Serial Number Catalogue Bridgestone Serial Number Catalogue

Bridgestones have randomly serial numbers. Maybe you will conscious to know what the frame is. But it is very easy to know if you compare with the Bridgestone Catalogue. For the example the drop out sign with Suntour stamp and the frame have no stopper on the seat stay. Bridgestone frames have lugs similar with Panasonic frame. But the differences Bridgestone and Panasonic frame is the serial numbers Panasonic located in the head tube or seat tube. Bridgestone MB frame made with Rithcey Logic tube and Panasonic frame made with Tange tube.

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