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There are many ways to drink water when riding a bicycle, but I think it is most common for me to have a bottle or a bottle of drinking. Drink bottle that is sold as a special product of the bicycle is designed in the thought of drinking with one hand during the race, it is convenient even in the tooling. Here, I introduce my favorite bottle which I always use, the method of mixing the parts of another bottle, and the details of how I started doing that.
As a premise: what to put and how to drink Currently, only water is basically put in the bottle (it is used in combination with the electrolyte tablet and the amino acid granules). There are few hygiene concerns, and cleaning is easy.

Best Bicycle Drink Bottle

If it is water, it is possible to bathe by oneself, and it can be used when a little dirt is dropped, and the punk place is confirmed. The way to drink is to hold the bottle without the mouth and pour the water. In this way, dust adhering to the outside of the bottle is hard to enter into the body, and it is possible to drink it after throwing it away a little if anxious. This is not too much to worry about depending on the environment. I put one reference article.
Recent regular Giant Pourfast doublespring bottles (2018) + Giant Pour Fast autospring Cap (2016). This giant bottle is lightweight and has only 35 grams of the body.

Best Bicycle Drink Bottle

In some cases, a genuine dust cap (2016) is also used. I like the convenience of the light and the automatic valve named autospring (it does not leak without the lock, and water comes out only when I hold the bottle), and the place where the material smell is not. However, it seems that it is better to clean the beans. I had only washed it for a while, and even though I had only tap water, it tasted like cucumber. It ashes to the ball that the cap cannot be decomposed.
Best Bicycle Drink Bottle

This is the purist bottle of squeezable glass that specialized is dealing with. It is slightly heavier (the main body is about 95 grams), but it seems to give a flexible glass coating thing, and it does not taste strange even if I just wash it with water (I occasionally use a detergent even if I do not feel abnormality). Automatic valve Type Watergate cap can be disassembled and cleaned.

Best Bicycle Drink Bottle

Because it is a bottle with high hygiene performance, I am reliable when I run camping for many days.
I bought this polar insulated bottle quite a while ago. Polar smells of material from the beginning. I do not use it now because the opening and closing of the original attached cap which is not reflected here is spout (not an automatic valve) hard. It is the one with a genuine zipstream cap (automatic valve, the decomposition cleaning possible) to pay attention.
Best Bicycle Drink Bottle

In fact, purist caps and zipsteam caps are giant bottles. I can wear all the caps of the photograph. The current doublespring bottle attached cap (non-automatic valve, not decomposed) on the bottle. The lower center is the giant autospring bottle cap (automatic valve, non-disassembly) and genuine dust cap in 2016. The lower left is the purist Watergate cap (automatic valve, disassembly is possible). The lower right is the polar zipstream cap (automatic valve, disassembly) and genuine dust cap.
Because the brush does not reach when cleaning, the valve of the bottle is relieved when it can be decomposed. However, because purist Watergate and polar ZIPstream are not exclusive products of giant bottle, it feels tight when I tighten it (ZIPstream is especially so). There is a possibility that a problem might occur by the screw mountain's being worn while using it. The giant bottle is a combination of the genuine autospring of the year difference, and if this gets dirty, it will be used for the Watergate cap, and the zipstream that the dust cap is attached to becomes mud, etc.

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