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"Vacuum Insulated Straw Bottle (FFQ-600)" Designed Exclusively For Bicycles Released By Thermos.
It has a high cooling power of stainless steel magic bottle structure only Thermos, and it is a bottle of the special design to fit a bottle cage for various sports motorcycles. Mika Matsui of the Planning Division was responsible for this product planning. In the past, Matsui, who has produced many sports bottles and children's products, listened to his feelings and feelings for the development of the  "bicycle-only bottle ".
Thermos has developed a number of bottles so far,
Why did you decide to develop a special bottle for bicycles?
Vacuum insulated straw bottle
image by https://www.thermos.jp

To tell the truth, the plan of the bottle only for the bicycle was long ago. Thermos was the first to develop and release a "vacuum insulated sports bottle" for cold-storage only in the magic bottle industry.
Therefore, there is a history of researching the hydration of various sports scenes. The method of hydration during sports varies greatly depending on the event. The amount of hydration, the timing of drinking, and the environment in which the bottles are placed are varied. For example, in a soccer practice, a large Jagutipe can be placed in a place that is not exposed to sunlight, but the sport bike will be set in a bottle cage and run. The most important is the optimum size to fit the bottle cage and the structure that can be smoothly and in and out. and the cooling power. In advance research, the squeeze bottle made of resin, there were many voices that it is insufficient cold power. To ensure the comfort of a sports bike user, we have developed a thermos that has a high cooling power and that fits the bottle cage.

In any bottle cage Shape to Fit

Vacuum insulated straw bottle
image by https://www.thermos.jp

Are you being used in product planning? In order to plan the product, we first interviewed the person riding a sports bike. It is a variety of people who aim at the self-best record by participating in the race long distance running from beginner, and the town riding mainly. In addition, we went to the exhibition, the event, the pass and the riverbed of the bicycle and explored the needs of the sports bike user. There are many people who use a plastic squeeze bottle for a sports bike, in addition, I freeze a pet bottle and use it, and a thermos bottle is put in a porch, and a person who uses it according to the size of the bottle cage has come. There is no one that the user who demands a higher cooling power fits firmly in the bottle cage, and knows the current situation that feels inconvenience, and made the product planning to make the bottle which can answer that voice.
I drink a lot of 600ml, and remain cold.
What is the best bottle for a sports bike user? The FFQ-600 is the perfect bottle for a sports bike user seeking "cold power".
Vacuum insulated straw bottle
image by https://www.thermos.jp

You can use a wide range from the city ride to long distance driving.
Because it is made of stainless steel, in the race which becomes severe in weight, I think that there are a lot of people who choose a squeeze bottle made of resin, but I want you to use it by all means when practicing. Because you can keep the coldness for a long time, it is possible to drink it in the place where it is not possible to buy a drink on the way or to take time to go shopping even if it is cold drinking.
In addition to direct sunlight during the summer bike ride, there is also a glare of asphalt, so it is assumed that a high temperature environment, I want to help in the cool down quickly in cold drinks. As for the capacity, it was 600ml at the maximum size that enters the bottle cage. I thought that the amount that it was possible to replenish enough water by the compact which did not hit the frame of the bicycle was the best. You can also add ice to the one bar of 500ml pet bottle drinks.

Easy to open with gloves on

Vacuum insulated straw bottle
image by https://www.thermos.jp

What was the development history of the one-touch open?
Even with a glove for a sports bike, I thought about a structure easy to remove from a bottle cage and to open easily. There is a dent in the back of the CAP unit, but the index finger is taken firmly there and it becomes a shape easy to take out from the bottle cage. In addition, the CAP is opened with the push of a button, and it is possible to drink quickly. To be able to operate naturally, and sense of pressing the button, such as the angle of the lid after opening, we developed carefully one by one.

Unique straw bottle structure for easy drinking

Vacuum insulated straw bottle
image by https://www.thermos.jp

What are the benefits of the straw type? FFQ-600 employs straw-type spout. It is a good feature to drink without changing the glance at the angle that the bottle is tilted when it is a straw. The FFQ-600 straw is made from the technology cultivated in the straw bottle for children, and the one to drink when the lid is opened is made a structure not scattering easily. In the traditional straw bottle, the moment you open the lid, you may find that the drinks that remain in the straw are scattered. FFQ-600, the inside of the air out when you press the button, the lid opens after opening the internal pressure first, it is difficult to scattering the contents.

Because it is a moment, but I do not notice even if you use, I have developed a particular attention to detail.

Easy to mix with any bicycle

How did you decide?
The design of the bottle, such as coloring and shape, was also examined dozens of patterns.

Vacuum insulated straw bottle
image by https://www.thermos.jp

In the coloring, there is also a proposal to match the color of the body of the bicycle, but also examined the paint of various colors, the body that makes the most of the stainless steel material that is easy to mix with the bike of any color has adopted the black and white of the features. As for the shape, we made a prototype of a lot of models with 3d printer from many design proposals, and repeated the verification about the operation of the bicycle as a special bottle and the shock to be received when falling.

In the bottle cage, in the hand, Body Ring to fit tightly

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